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A change in D.C. needs to start at the ballot boxes at home. We cannot keep sending career politicians to Washington hoping they will do the work of the people.  Instead we need someone who has experienced the problems of the real world that will represent the constituents of Congressional District 11. That someone is James Hemphill, he will "Say No To The Status Quo" and put forth legislation that will address the needs of the American people before all others. Legislation that will grow our economy by expanding the middle class and re-creating the energy independence we had under President Trump, secure our borders, reform our criminal justice system, reduce crime while supporting our nation's law enforcement. Giving parents school choice and the ability to send your child to a school that doesn't bow to pressure from powerful Teacher's Unions at the expense of a quality education that will produce productive citizens that contribute to the nation. Mandating that every high school in America has at least one skilled trade offering. James Hemphill has the determination and drive we need to succeed and has committed to working on legislation proposals and support after the primary election so that he can hit the ground running January 3, 2025.

James Hemphill For Congress LLC
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