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James Hemphill is a person who is dedicated to conservative values with a unique compassion for diversity in solutions to solving real American problems and he is not afraid of going out of his comfort zone to speak up for something he believes will benefit our nation as a whole. James is passionate about creating policies that work in the 11th Congressional District, Cuyahoga County, The State of Ohio, and the United States of America. His focus is on strengthening the American society in three important ways.

First by rebuilding the Economy, expanding the middle class through job creation, home ownership and corporate/community partnerships that don’t require increased taxes or government spending by proposing policies that put both America and Americans first.

Next, a comprehensive Criminal Justice Reform that gets non-violent offenders back into society faster and smarter with low recidivism, while ensuring that violent criminals are off the streets for good.

Finally, James believes strongly in a parent’s right to decide which school is best for their child. As a proponent of School Choice he stands firm against radical Teacher’s unions and failed standardized schools that produce sub-par students that are indoctrinated in progressive left, woke mob mentality completely void of reality. James understands that the left knows that a divided America is weak and that’s why he will combat them with policies that are based in the constitutional promise of one nation, under God with liberty and justice for all (AMERICANS). He is ready for the fight to win back the heart of America and will move the next Congress forward from day one.



As a Republican congressional candidate, I believe in the power of free markets and individual responsibility to drive economic growth and prosperity. I will work to reduce government regulations and taxes that stifle business growth and innovation. I will also support policies that promote job creation and entrepreneurship, so that every American has the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

I understand that a strong economy is essential for the well-being of our families and communities. That's why I will fight for policies that put more money back into the pockets of hardworking Americans and create an environment where businesses can thrive.

In Congress, I will work to reduce the tax burden on small businesses and families, so that they can keep more of their hard-earned money. I will also support efforts to simplify the tax code and make it easier for businesses to comply with regulations.

I believe that free trade is essential for a strong economy. I will work to encourage the next administration to negotiate fair trade deals that benefit American workers and businesses, while also promoting economic growth and job creation.

I will also support policies that promote energy independence and reduce our reliance on foreign oil. This will not only strengthen our economy, but also improve our national security.

Additionally, I am committed to building an economy that works for all Americans, most notably the African American community. I will support policies that promote equal access to education, job training, and capital, so that African Americans have the same opportunities to succeed as anyone else. I will also release before the general election my plans to propose legislation that will allow up to $300 Billion in direct investments to start new businesses in minority neighborhoods without additional government spending or tax increases.

One of my top priorities will be to expand access to job training programs. This includes supporting initiatives that provide on-the-job training, apprenticeships, and other forms of skills development. By investing in our workforce, we can ensure that American workers have the skills they need to compete in the global economy.

In order to compete with countries like China, we must also invest in research and development. This means supporting initiatives that promote innovation in fields like technology, medicine, and energy. By staying at the forefront of these industries, we can maintain our competitive edge and continue to grow our economy.

Furthermore, I believe it is important to strengthen the dollar as the world's currency of choice. This means pursuing sound monetary policies that promote stability and confidence in our currency. By maintaining low inflation and a strong dollar, we can attract investment from around the world and continue to grow our economy.

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Criminal Justice Reform

As Republicans, I believe in the rule of law and the importance of public safety. I, respect the men and women who serve in law enforcement and risk their lives to protect our communities. I wholeheartedly support their efforts to uphold justice and maintain order.

But as someone who grew up on the south side of Chicago, I also recognize that our criminal justice system is not perfect. It is not always fair, efficient, or effective. It sometimes fails to protect the innocent, punish the guilty, or rehabilitate the offenders. It sometimes imposes excessive costs on taxpayers, families, and society. It sometimes undermines the values and principles that we cherish as Americans.

That is why I support criminal justice reform. I support reform that is based on common sense, compassion, and conservatism. I support reform that balances the need for public safety with the need for the very individual liberties that the constitution promises us all. I support reform that promotes accountability, responsibility, and opportunity.

I support reform that:

  • Reduces crime and recidivism by providing offenders with the skills, education, and treatment they need to become productive citizens.
  • Saves taxpayer money by prioritizing prison space for violent and dangerous criminals and expanding alternatives to incarceration for low-level and nonviolent offenders.
  • Restores fairness and integrity by ensuring that sentences are proportional to the crimes committed, and that due process and equal protection are guaranteed for all.
  • Strengthens families and communities by removing unnecessary barriers to employment, housing, and education for those who have paid their debt to society.
  • Upholds human dignity and respect by treating offenders as individuals with potential, not as irredeemable failures.

I believe that these reforms are consistent with our conservative values. They uphold the principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and individual freedom. They advance the goals of public safety, personal responsibility, and human potential. They reflect the ideals of justice, mercy, and redemption.

I also believe that these reforms have bipartisan support. They have been endorsed by leaders from across the political spectrum, from President Trump to former President Obama, from Senator Grassley to Senator Booker, from Governor Abbott to Governor Newsom. They have been enacted by states from Texas to California, from Georgia to New Jersey. They have been proven by evidence and experience to work.

I will urge my fellow Republicans to join us in supporting criminal justice reform. I will urge them to put aside partisan politics and ideological differences, and work with us for the common good. I will urge them to remember that we are not only a party of law and order, but also a party of liberty and justice.

I believe that criminal justice reform is not only a good policy, but also good politics. I believe that it will help us win the hearts and minds of the American people, especially those who have been marginalized or disenfranchised by the current system. I know that it will help us expand our base and grow our party when we show people who have misled to believe that we don’t understand or care that we do understand and will actually do something about it.

I believe that criminal justice reform is the right thing to do for our country. As I move from the primaries to the general election, I will release an outlined version of the bill I will propose from day one in congress. I will look for input from the communities and organizations most affected by the disparities in criminal justice so that the republican party gets it right.

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School Choice

America is a land of opportunity and freedom, where every child deserves a quality education that prepares them for success in life. But under the current system, too many children are trapped in failing schools that do not meet their needs, interests, or potential. Too many parents are denied the right to choose the best educational option for their children, whether it is a public, private, charter, magnet, online, or homeschool.

I believe that we need to empower parents and students with school choice by giving them more control over their education dollars and decisions. That means:

- Supporting the expansion of charter schools, which are public schools that operate with more flexibility and accountability than traditional public schools.
- Supporting the creation of education savings accounts, which are tax-free accounts that parents can use to pay for tuition, fees, books, supplies, and other educational expenses at any accredited school of their choice.
- Supporting the implementation of tax credits and scholarships, which are programs that provide financial assistance to low-income and special-needs students who want to attend private schools or other educational alternatives.
- Supporting the protection of homeschooling rights, which are the rights of parents to educate their children at home without undue government interference or regulation.
- Supporting the improvement of public schools, which are the schools that serve the majority of students and should be held to high standards of performance and accountability. Free from the control of partisan special interest teacher unions.

By pursuing these policies, we can create a more diverse and competitive education system that benefits all students, regardless of their background, ability, or zip code. We can give parents and students more freedom and flexibility to choose the best learning environment for their individual needs and goals. We can improve educational outcomes and opportunities for millions of children across our nation.

As your representative, I will fight for your educational interests and ensure that America remains the world's leader in education. I will stand up to the radical agenda of the current administration that wants to impose a one-size-fits-all approach to education and undermine parental rights and school choice. I will work with anyone who shares my vision of a prosperous and educated America where every child can achieve their dreams.

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Energy Independence

America is blessed with abundant and diverse energy resources that can power our economy, secure our national interests, and protect our environment. But under the current administration, we have seen our energy security and sovereignty threatened by misguided policies that have raised our energy costs, reduced our energy production, and weakened our global competitiveness.

I believe that we need to restore and expand our energy independence by unleashing the full potential of American energy. That means:

- Supporting the development of all forms of energy, including oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear, hydro, wind, solar, and biofuels.
- Streamlining the permitting process and removing unnecessary regulations that hinder energy exploration, extraction, transportation, and innovation.
- Expanding our energy infrastructure, such as pipelines, refineries, power plants, transmission lines, and storage facilities.
- Promoting free and fair trade in energy markets and expanding our energy exports to our allies and partners around the world.
- Investing in research and development of new and advanced energy technologies that can improve efficiency, reliability, affordability, and sustainability.
- Encouraging the adoption of smart and clean energy practices by consumers, businesses, and communities.

By pursuing these policies, we can create millions of good-paying jobs in the energy sector, lower energy bills for hardworking families and small businesses, enhance our national security and global leadership, and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impacts.

As your representative, I will fight for your energy interests and ensure that America remains the world's energy superpower. I will stand up to the radical agenda of the current administration that wants to destroy our energy industry and make us dependent on foreign oil. I will work with anyone who shares my vision of a prosperous and secure America powered by American energy.

Join me in supporting energy independence for America. Together, we can help the next administration make America great again. Read More

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