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Meet James

Born and raised on the south side of Chicago in the Englewood community James Hemphill is the second oldest of nine children. As the second eldest he was often tasked with helping his mother raise his younger siblings which in turn taught him the responsibility and importance of family. Growing up surrounded by crime, gangs and drugs during the late 80's and 90's. Like many young black men growing up in a democrat controlled  community he developed the illusion that a life of crime would lead him out of economic despair, only to find himself an incarcerated father of two by the mid 2000's. He would later be released and reunited with his children after six years in a federal prison. James is now the proud father of four (Ilana, Imya, Jabari and Janiya) and a husband of ten years to wife Alicia.

After reentry into society James returned to his career and eventually retired from the cable industry in 2016, now self employed as a general contractor, real estate investor and consultant. James is also a mentor to at risk youth where he uses real world life lessons to help them consider better life choices. He is also the founder, Chairman and CEO of Black Conservative Empowerment Coalition (BCEC) an organization that develops a network of conservative Africa Americans that work to create and promote policies to empower, educate and reconstruct African American communities devastated by horrendous policies of liberals that have been strategically designed to keep black neighborhoods poor, under-developed and reliant on government social programs.

James Hemphill is a person who is dedicated to conservative values with a unique compassion for diversity in solutions to solving real American problems and he is not afraid of going out of his comfort zone to speak up for something he believes will benefit our nation as a whole. James is passionate about creating policies that work in the 11th Congressional District, Cuyahoga County, The State of Ohio, and the United States of America. His focus is on strengthening the American society in three important ways. First by rebuilding the Economy, expanding the middle class through job creation, home ownership and corporate/community partnerships that don’t require increased taxes or government regulation or spending by proposing policies that put both America and Americans first. Next, a comprehensive Criminal Justice Reform that gets non-violent offenders back into society faster and smarter with low recidivism, while ensuring that violent criminals are off the streets for good. Also a common sense approach to police reform that includes necessary pillars such as investment in training and a community oriented citizen/police partnership designed to build a solid foundation for protect and serve policy. Finally, James believes strongly in a parent’s right to autonomy in school and the ability to push back on social programming in school. As a proponent of School Choice he stands firm against radical Teacher’s unions and failed standardized schools that produce sub-par students that are indoctrinated in progressive left, woke mob mentality completely void of reality.

James understands that the left knows that a divided America is weak and that’s why he will combat them with policies that are based in the constitutional with a promise of one nation, under God with liberty and justice for all (AMERICANS). He is ready for the fight to win back the heart and soul of America and will help move the next Congress forward from day one.


James Hemphill For Congress LLC
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